Style is about …




Style is about the subtle details. To the naked eye a sneaker is just a sneaker and a coat is just a coat. But both of us know there’s so much more to it than that. I’ve always been intrigued by why people make the decisions they do. Even if it’s something as seemingly inconsequential as picking out a pair of running sneakers or hooded sweatshirt.

All the decisions we make eventually make up our character. And are subsequently a reflection or projection of our taste, sensibility, personality, etc. I’ve heard you are what you eat. But are you what you wear? Well, the dichotomy is… Just like clothing, there’s so much more to people…

Comme Des Fuckdown Beanie | SSUR

One Of A Kind Mini Beacon Blanket Pin | RTH

Double-Breasted Harris Tweed Overcoat | A.P.C.

Camo Hooded Sweatshirt | Carhartt

Mélange Sweat Pant | A.C. 1896

Custom US993 | New Balance

Marled Socks | J.Crew

Newspaper Bag – 1829 | Delvaux


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